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Heather Reisz Memorial Scholarship Committee

The Heather Reisz Memorial Scholarship (HRMS) was established in 2013 with the first scholarship recipients named at the NEDRA Conference in 2014. The HRMS Committee promotes the scholarship and selects recipients. The Committee is typically is comprised of several NEDRA board and community members and a member/representative of the Reisz family.

The HRMS Committee is currently chaired by Suzy Campos of Amherst College.


Volunteer Tasks:

  • Work with Marketing, Conference, and Conference Scholarship Committees to ensure appropriate publication, promotion, and call for scholarship applications.
  • Identify best practices for ensuring a robust pool of applicants which may entail proactive solicitation/encouragement of newer members of the research and NEDRA community.
  • Lead HRMS fundraising efforts throughout the year which may include drafting appeal letter for former donors and acquisition of new donors. 

  • Establish and lead a clear stewardship plan for current and future HRMS donors.
  • Establish and maintain scoring metrics for applications and determine any needs for future application requirements.
  • Review nominations and make recommendation to the board of directors on the winner.
  • Notify awardee(s) and encourage them to serve as a conference volunteer.
  • Consult board or treasurer to ensure budget/number and/or amount of scholarships that may be offered especially since winners could be outside of New England and award includes a travel stipend.
  • Facilitate introduction of awardee and family members at conference (or electronically).
  • Work with family to determine introduction and announcement of winner(s) at Conference.


Time Commitment:

It is anticipated that the HRMS Committee will have 3-5 conference calls beginning in the late fall through the early spring (dependent on dates of annual conference) to identify individual tasks, discuss applicants, evaluate and vote on submissions.

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