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The Social Media Committee seeks to foster an online community among NEDRA members and beyond. In doing so, the Social Media Committee hopes to initiate and engage members of NEDRA’s online community with novel ideas and online interactions about research and development/ philanthropy in general. Equally as important, the Social Media Committee hopes to aid in the marketing and information dissemination of NEDRA-related programming events, scholarships and the Annual Conference. NEDRA online community members will also get information about volunteer and sponsor opportunities, membership, as well as industry news and job opportunities.


The Social Media Committee is currently co-chaired by Stacey MacDonnell of Harvard Law School and James Cheng of Memorial Sloan Cancer Center.


Volunteer Tasks:

  1. Be a Twitter follower of @NEDRA_Tweets and/or join the NEDRA group on LinkedIn:
  • Using Twitter as the online platform of choice as the messaging hub and the LinkedIn group as the content hub, one easy way to volunteer is to join @NEDRA_Tweets on Twitter and/or join the NEDRA LinkedIn group (if not a member already)
  • Becoming an active contributor on Twitter via @NEDRA_Tweets and/or posting on the NEDRA LinkedIn group is a fantastic way to actively volunteer without the commitment of being on the Social Media Committee


  1. Serve as a member of the Social Media Committee to assist with various activities:
  • Host hour-long Twitter tweet chats through the year
  • Be a constant blogger of short informative posts through the NEDRA LinkedIn group
  • Analyze API site traffic/usage for @NEDRA_Tweets and the NEDRA LinkedIn group page
  • Meet monthly via phone conference with other Social Media Committee members for updates and brainstorming other uses for Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as other social media platform incorporation for the NEDRA online community.


Time Commitment:

A volunteer’s specific time commitment is estimated to be one to two hours per month on social media interaction, along with a one-half hour to one hour per month commitment for committee conferencing.

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