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  • 30 Nov 2016 3:33 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    Today’s biggest philanthropists only have to disclose their identities if they so choose, and more are opting to remain behind a veil of secrecy—including many who are pushing for public policy changes that affect all of us.

  • 30 Nov 2016 3:32 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    A charitable ranking of the states, based on giving, volunteering, and other metrics.

  • 30 Nov 2016 3:31 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    A new report on high net worth philanthropy suggests that by and large wealthy donors give just like the rest of us.

  • 30 Nov 2016 3:30 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    Campus philanthropy programs have been proliferating in recent years, and among the newest ones is the Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise at the University of Denver.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:14 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    For the first time ever, a donor-advised fund tops the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 'Philanthropy 400' rankings.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:13 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day? The Helen Brown Group’s Kenny Tavares has some practical suggestions for managing your time.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:13 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    A trust at the University of Virginia invites donors to give $100,000 and decide collaboratively how contributions are spent on projects that strengthen the student experience.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:12 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    In the for-profit sector, there’s a common phrase: fail early, fail often. But for nonprofit organizations, this philosophy is not often exercised.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:12 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    Mayoral funds represent an interesting development in local philanthropy, and not one without controversy.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:11 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)

    This blog post talks about the challenges faced by membership organizations in raising funds from members.

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