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  • 29 May 2014 10:07 AM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    CECP has released its latest report on trends in corporate giving.

  • 29 May 2014 10:06 AM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    Europe’s highest court said on Tuesday that people had the right to influence what the world could learn about them through online searches, a ruling that rejected long-established notions about the free flow of information on the Internet.

  • 29 May 2014 9:51 AM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    When one person is wearing too many hats, it's a sign that the organization isn't making development enough of a priority.

  • 29 May 2014 9:35 AM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    Last year, a charity that allows people to set up donor-advised funds was the third highest recipient of charitable funds in the country.

  • 25 Apr 2014 1:32 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    This blog post examines the question of whether the United States, like India, should make corporate social responsibility mandatory.

  • 25 Apr 2014 1:22 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    This post provides tips for presenting data visually in order to better tell a story.

  • 25 Apr 2014 1:17 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    This blog post examines some criticisms of big data.

  • 25 Apr 2014 12:52 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    Providing data on a charity’s impact doesn’t necessarily translate into more gifts from prior donors, says a new report.

  • 25 Apr 2014 12:43 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    Helen Brown provides some excellent reasoning behind including real estate in capacity evaluations.

  • 25 Apr 2014 12:21 PM | Laura Parshall (Administrator)
    This informative infographic compares giving in these two countries, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

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