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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101 (with Richemont’s Doug Melville)

Harvard Business Review, Race at Work Podcast with Porter Braswell, Season 1, Episode 9, 1/6/2021

Corporate Funders Support COVID-19 Relief

Philanthropy News Digest, Updated Regularly

Prospect research on a tight budget – schools edition

The Helen Brown Group, 6/17/2021

Supreme Court Eyes Rich Activists, Their Anonymous Donations and Tax Breaks


Press Release: Federal Election Commission Takes No Action on ALUMinate’s Request to Make Limited Use of Contribution Data

ALUMinate, 4/1/2021

Opportunity of a Lifetime

The Helen Brown Group, 1/21/2021

Major Gift Fundraising During COVID-19: Trends and Takeaways


When Higher Ed Leaders Change Their Thinking About Digital Transformation, Here’s What Can Happen

EAB, 12/28/2020

Don't Leave A Job Interview Without Asking These 4 Questions About Diversity

HuffPost, 7/20/2020

Donors that are stepping up right now

Helen Brown Group, 4/23/2020

Optimism, communication, and leadership: Fundraising during COVID-19

IUPUI, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Blog, 4/22/2020

Commentary: China billionaires a force to be reckoned with in global COVID-19 fight - and more

CNA, 4/7/2020

As Politics Creep Into Philanthropy, Beneficiaries Come Under Fire

New York Times, 8/16/19

Want to Pay Off a Student’s Debt? At Morehouse, Donors Now Can

New York Times, 8/13/19

From "Keep Out" to "Please Come in." Opening Up Grants Processes Leads to More Equity

Inside Philanthropy, 8/7/19

The Stock-Buyback Swindle 

The Atlantic, August 2019

Six Insights From The New Forbes China Philanthropy List

Forbes, 7/29/19

Why one billionaire is calling out Silicon Valley’s favorite philanthropic loophole

Vox, 7/25/19

The Man with the $13 Billion Checkbook

New York Times, 7/12/19

Lost Generation: How Can Fundraisers Effectively Engage Debt-Ridden Millennial Alumni

Inside Philanthropy, 7/9/19

Why College Fundraisers Should Focus on Small Gifts

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 6/24/19

China’s New Model of Blockchain-Driven Philanthropy

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2019

First-Quarter Charitable Giving Decline Worries Fund-Raisers

Financial Advisor, 6/12/19

Should Colleges Admit How Many Donor Children They Admit?

Inside Higher Ed, 6/10/19

How the wealthy say ‘I do’ to philanthropy

The Helen Brown Group, 6/6/19

The Power of Income Psychology on Giving Capacity and Inclination

APRA Connections, 6/6/19

Lu Weiding Named the Most Generous Chinese Philanthropist

Barron’s, 5/21/19

Billionaire Robert F. Smith's Gift May Inspire Other Donors to Address Student Loans

Barron's, 5/20/19

Why Some Philanthropists Are Letting Their Teenagers Decide How to Spend Donations

Robb Report, 5/16/19

Opinion: Disaster philanthropy needs a feminist and participatory approach

Devex, 5/9/19

As U.S. billionaires live longer, more wealth managers roll out estate and succession planning

Investment News, 5/3/19

Machine learning reveals links between climate misinformation and philanthropy

Physics World, 5/2/19

As Wealthy Donors Fuel Campus Growth, What About Low-Wage Workers and Local Residents?

Inside Philanthropy, 4/23/19

Why India's rich don't give their money away

BBC News, 4/2/19

In Asia's Stealthy Rich City, the Ultra Wealthy Hide Their Hermes

Bloomberg, 4/1/19

Museums Cut Ties with Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows

New York Times, 3/29/2019

As China Rises, Its New Billionaire Class is Turning to Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy, 3/21/2019

Is Philanthropy Driven by Altruism, Ego, or the Human Desire to Cheat Death

Fast Company, 3/5/2019

Making the Transition: A Gift to Acclimate First-Time Students to an Elite University

Inside Philanthropy, 2/26/19

The Gray Market: Why a Changing Donor Base Might
Finally Convince Museums to Get Woke (and Other Insights)

ArtNet News, 2/25/19

Reimagining Institutional Philanthropy
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2/15/19

Power, Transparency, and the New Ways to Give
Chronicle of Philanthropy, 2/12/19

Major Private Gifts to Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education, updated 2/4/19

Hospitals Check To See If Patients Are Donor-Worthy - Not Their Organs, But Pockets 

Kaiser Health News, 1/28/19

LL Bean Sharpens Focus on Outdoor Philanthropy 

Associated Press, 1/16/19

App Boosts Donor Advised Fund Participation Revenue 

NonProfit Times, 1/15/19

Inside Philanthropy, 1/11/19

BBJ, 1/8/19

Financial Times, 11/28/18

Huffington Post, 11/20/18

Inside Philanthropy, 11/20/2018 

Huffington Post, 11/19/18

CASE, 11/15/18

6 Dos and Don't for Fundraising Success this Giving Season

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 11/5/18

Enjoy this heart-warmer by Helen Brown: Community 

Helen Brown Group's Intelligent Edge, 10/25/18

A Global Share of Those Giving to Charity Fell in 2017, Report Finds

Philanthropy News Digest, 10/31/18

The Art of the Giant Campaign 

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 10/30/18 Subscription Required

Alumnus Gifts $100 Million to Advance the Sciences 

Harvard Crimson, 10/15/18

The Super-Rich Are Stockpiling Wealth in Black-Box Charities 

Bloomberg, 10/3/18

Making Wills Easier and Cheaper with Do-It-Yourself Options

New York Times, 9/7/18

Generous Giving or Phony Philanthropy? A Critique of Well-Meaning 'Winners'
NPR, 8/29/18

Gospels of Giving for the New Gilded Age
The New Yorker, 8/27/18

The 25 most generous philanthropists in America today 
Business Insider, 8/18/18

When a $1000 Gift is Better Than $1 Million 
New York Times, 8/17/18

How Millennials are Changing Philanthropy 
Forbes, 8/15/18

How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes With a Philanthropic Loophole 
New York Times, 8/3/18

How Your Organization Can Prepare For The Future Trends In Nonprofit 
Forbes, 7/27/18

The Rise of Female Philanthropists
Forbes, 7/25/18

Giving Days Gain Traction in College Fundraising, and Other Trends from Educational Conference
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 7/17/18

6 Signs of Trouble Ahead in Charitable Giving
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 7/6/18

Advisors, Clients Talking More About Charitable Giving
The NonProfit Times, 7/23/18

Home Base Program will be able to treat more veterans after $65 million donation
Boston Globe, 6/27/18

Santander Bank Awards More Than $3 Million to 119 Non-Profit Organizations in First Round of Funding for 2018
MarketWatch, 7/24/18


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