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Volunteer Opportunity of the Month

Fri, December 20, 2013 1:02 PM | Laura Parshall
Did you know Ann Castle? The NEDRA News Blog will be running an article on the life of Ann Castle soon, and we would love to include some anecdotes from those who knew her and worked with her. If you have some memories you want to share--stories, lessons learned, anything that you remember when you think of Ann--please contact NEDRA News editor Laura Parshall.

Also, a new year is coming soon, and the NEDRA News Blog is in need of some new authors! (Though of course, we won't say no to some new articles from authors who have already contributed.) Do you have some tips to share with your fellow researchers? Some interesting information you've learned? Have you managed to solve a problem your organization has faced? Are you interested in reading and reviewing a book that might be of interest to researchers? We need you! The NEDRA News Blog will happily accept articles on any topic of interest to people working in development research and related fields. You have more to share than you think! Contact Laura Parshall if you'd like to help out.


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