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Peek Under the Hood: News from the NEDRA Board

Tue, July 01, 2014 9:46 AM | Laura Parshall

The NEDRA Board of Directors had its annual retreat on June 12th and 13th. The Board discussed the new slate of committee chairs for this coming membership year, which will be as follows:

Amy Bagley Begg: Conference Committee (co-chair) Sarah Benson:
Programming Committee (co-chair) Anne Brownlee: Conference Committee
(co-chair) James Cheng: Social Media Committee Amber Countis: Ann
Castle Award Committee, Heather Reisz Memorial Scholarship Committee
Lisa Foster: Sponsorship Committee (co-chair) Tara MacMullen: Website
and Technology Committee, Volunteers Committee Laura Parshall: NEDRA
News Committee, Marketing Committee Mary Taddia: Conference
Scholarship Committee, Sponsorship Committee (co-chair) Tina Tong:
Programming Committee (co-chair) Ian Wells: Membership Committee

Among the other subjects discussed were next year's conference and the goals of the new Social Media Committee. Tara MacMullen also trained the other Board members on how to maintain and update NEDRA's website. Read on for more information!


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