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NEDRA Member Survey: Tableau Salary Visual

Tue, October 31, 2017 10:47 AM | Laura Parshall

In May 2017, NEDRA conducted a survey of its community. One main goal was to gain insight for NEDRA regarding compensation, staffing, etc. of its constituents, in order to support benchmarking and negotiations for staffing, budget, compensation and other talent management-related topics. 

Based on the survey data and with this goal in mind, the NEDRA Board created a Tableau visual presentation that enables salary responses to be segmented by job title (e.g., executive, director/manager, analyst, data scientist, etc.), job level (e.g., senior, assistant, associate), location (within MA vs. outside MA), and type of organization (non-profit vs. for-profit). 

The frequency distribution consists of respondents categorized in salary bins, each at $10K increments, with a range from $20K to $190K (excluding nonresponse and “$0” salary response).  The top of each salary bin displays the count, the average salary, as well as the median. On the right, different options for region, org type, and job title allow for filtering and segmentation of salaries.

In order to interact with this Tableau visual, you will need Tableau Reader to read this file if you don’t already have Tableau or Tableau Reader installed on your computer. The link to download and install Tableau Reader is here.

Some problematic experiences in terms of getting Tableau Reader downloaded and installed may occur due to either firewalls on work computers and/or operating system compatibility. You may want to use your personal/home computer or else download a 32-bit version of Tableau Reader if your operating system is on the older side. Please discuss with IT personnel at your organization if you’d like to view on your workstation.

Once you download Tableau Reader you should be able to open and interact with this Tableau visual.

Visit the member section to check out the visual!


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