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2017 Conference Update

Mon, August 01, 2016 10:49 AM | Laura Parshall

From the Conference Committee, co-chaired this year by Lisa Foster and Susan Grivno, comes the exciting news that a location and dates have been chosen for next year's conference! Since the feedback on our most recent location has been overwhelmingly positive, we will once again be holding the conference at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH. The conference will take place on Thursday, April 13 and Friday, April 14, 2017. On Wednesday, April 12, we will be holding a pre-conference Research Basics Bootcamp, also at the Sheraton Harborside. Mark your calendars, and get ready to start planning some of the educational sessions that will make the conference great! 


  • Mon, August 01, 2016 1:43 PM | Anonymous
    While I understand the positive feedback about Portsmouth, it is out of reach for those of us from NYS, and perhaps for those in northern VT, as well. Might the conference committee consider a different location for 2018 after what will have been a few years in Portsmouth? Perhaps in central Massachusetts or Connecticut?
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    • Mon, August 01, 2016 1:53 PM | Lisa Foster
      Thanks for the feedback, Suzanne. We will certainly consider a different location for 2018. We usually offer a few suggestions for alternate locations on the conference survey and we also survey people who didn't attend and ask for suggested locations. We always look at all that data before making a choice. If you know of others who are interested in a particular location, please encourage them to reach out.
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  • Mon, August 01, 2016 2:55 PM | Amber Countis
    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to joining everyone in Portsmouth again next year!
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